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Live Wedding Painter
Live Wedding Painting
Live Wedding Painting

What is Live Wedding Painting?

Live Wedding Painting is a very unique and engaging exhibit that takes place during your wedding ceremony.
Most couples engage us with a purpose to showcase a unique and memorable time for their guests,
and also to receive a gift that commemorates their special day - hand painted by critically skilled artists.
We are very humbled to have commissioned over 80 live wedding paintings in 2023 alone,
and we understand the excitement to getting your very own painting done!
Do check with us for the 2024 booking slots should you be interested
because we only have a limited number of bookings open for 2024!

The Painting


The Art Nooq strongly believes that all wedding paintings are made with 20% brush, 80% trust.

Hence, every step of the planning is led by clear communication and approval from the couple before any decisions are made. Therefore, there must be a balance of trust between the artists and the couple.

Once the painting has started, it is important that the artists are given full autonomy to paint the best quality of work for the couple.



Our exhibit has proven to be a fantastic conversation piece at weddings.


We are professional enough to conduct our service on-site but also able to share interesting backstories about the painting with your guests and chat with them.

Our bundle of testimonies have also assured us that this exhibit is not distracting at all. Instead, it enhances the experience of the wedding because it is very unique and stands out from others.

The Delivery


The Message


Many of our best experiences are with requests from friends and families who engaged us to surprise their favorite couples.


These bespoke paintings are the absolutely best wedding gifts because it is tailored made for each couple and due to the timeless art style and quality details, it creates a wonderful memory where everyone can look back fondly in years to come.


The Process:

Arrange, Plan, Prepare.

1. Our staff will contact you to arrange details once we have received your enquiry form (located at the bottom of this page).

2. We will get on a call to know more about another one, and hopefully we can get to know about your amazing love story! If this is a wedding gift, tell us your plans on how to surprise them! We love a good surprise!

3. The planning will take some time because our artists will have to head down to location to scout and provide a mockup of their idea to you. Therefore, it is advised to engage us as early as possible so that this experience is as smooth as it can be.

4. Once all the details are planned and expectations are laid out, the artists will proceed to prepare materials and transport to the location on the actual day.

Live Wedding Painting
Live Wedding Painting

The Wedding:

Set up, Paint and Paint.

1. Our exhibit will be stationed in a designated place as discussed prior, and that will be where our artist will start painting. Don't worry about us, we paint, you kiss and get married!

2. The painting will continue to be completed in our studio after your wedding for the agreed amount of time. In that duration, we will have open communication to update you regularly on its progress.

3. Your final approval will lead to the varnishing and framing of your painting. The frames? Oh yeah, you get to choose them too!

4. All you have to do is wait comfortably in your home and we will get the painting delivered to you.

Enquiry Form

Check with us on our availability for your big day! We will do our best to accommodate to any request to the best of our abilities. Kindly allow the next 24 hours for us to response to your enquiries.

Time of Event


All prices stated below are inclusive of framing services.
For other custom canvas sizes or special canvas arrangements, please submit a enquiry (form on the left) for quotation.
A2 CANVAS IN OIL - $2888
18' X 24' CANVS IN OIL - $3088
24' X 24' CANVAS IN OIL - $3288
A1 CANVAS IN OIL - $3488

Bookings and Reservations: 
  • 50% down payment must be made once both parties have confirmed all details and agreed to proceed.
  • Remainder 50% has to be made 1 week before wedding day.
  • For overseas Live Wedding Painting services, prices are set to SGD with the inclusion of flights and accommodations.
Submit your enquiries via the form on the left or email
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