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A painting done live at your wedding whereby our artist will paint the actual scene of exactly what's happening live.
It is essential to give the artist creative freedom to create something spontaneous on the day of the event. We prioritize quality over speed. It is extremely essential that the artist has a good view of the wedding in a comfortable environment. 

scroll down for more details on how to book a slot with us on your big day! 

The Painting itself 


A pre-wedding meeting between the newly-weds and the painter will be held to have a discussion on the piece via videocall. It is important for the artist to freely express his/her style, an Impressionistic piece spontaneously to express the essence of the special day would be captured, rather than something realistic which one would get via a photograph.


Having an artwork that you know was done on your special day would help many reminisce and look back fondly in years to come.



Guests of the wedding are able to admire the creation of that moment being captured on canvas as part of the wedding's entertainment. The painter will be happy to have a crowd watching the process.


Furthermore, having a live painting attraction at your event will not be disruptive or difficult, as all materials needed will be brought by the painter, except for a chair. Guests are allowed to walk over to enjoy the live painting.

A Form of Entertainment


Wedding Gift


Surprise your loved ones with a curated, unique and bespoke wedding gift.


Capturing the essence of this special day is something that cannot be replicated, a great piece to hang in the newly-weds apartment, that would be a talking piece for years to come.


How does it work?

On your wedding day

First of all, congratulation on your big day! Please revert to the details below, any question feel free to send us an inquiry we will get back to you within 24 hours! 

1. Our Painter will arrive 2 hours before the wedding to begin with the background works. 

2. Your chosen scene: we will capture the moment with photos and it will be used for reference throughout the evening. 

3. At the end of the wedding night, Painting will be 70% completed. You and your partner will be able to view the painting before our painter send it back to the studio for touch ups. 

photo_2023-04-12 06.11.21.jpeg
photo_2023-04-12 06.11.33.jpeg

After the wedding

1. Our Painter will send the painting back to the studio to continue the works 

2. Touch up will continue and will take up between 2 - 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the painting. 

3. Before varnishing, we will send snapshot of the final piece for your viewing and approval. 

4. Painting will be sent for framing. 

5. Lastly, time for you to collect your wedding painting from our studio! 

Connect with us

Check with us on our availability for your big day!
Please take a few minutes of your time to fill up the form below, we will revert within 24 hours! 


Thank you for connecting with us!


*Prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD), price are inclusive of framing services. 
A2 CANVAS IN OIL - $2850
A1 CANVAS IN OIL - $3050

**Rates in other countries would be the same but with an additional cost of flight & accommodations.
Our painters will bring along an easel together with canvas and other materials that is required for the painting. 
We would require the following: 
  • A power source for ring light.
  • A chair 
  • Food & Beverages
To save the date with us: 
  •  A 50% down payment must be made to The Art Nooq Pte Ltd.
  • The second 50% has to be made 5 days prior to the wedding day.
Submit your enquiries via the form here or email
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