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What is Corporate Art Jamming?

Are you tired of the same old team-building activities that lack creativity and excitement?

Corporate art jamming with The Art Nooq is not just about painting; it's about bonding,
collaborating, and creating something beautiful together! Our team has organized 40+
events and workshops for numerous companies, such as Disney, MOE, NUH and more!

If the art doesn't attract you, maybe the food and drinks will! We are proud partners of
Starbucks Singapore so if you need to plan an activity to impress, boost morale and
keep tummies happy, yeah... you got to pick us to host you and your team.


Full, Hybrid, Unguided

Our corporate package offers a range of guidance depending on your needs. Fully guided, hybrid and unguided. Each of them have their own perks and potential to make your team bonding session more fun!

During the session, our certified artists are trained to guide guests regardless of their experience in painting. We are able to guide you through using basic brush strokes, layering colors and more, providing you and your team a smooth and educational experience.


Anytime, Anywhere

The Art Nooq believes that art jamming is not just an activity to get away from the hustle and bustle. We believe that the time and money spent on team bonding should be quality time spent with one another.

In short, to create a unique and memorable experience, our artists are always ready to assist in anything to the best of our abilities.


Create a certain shade of color that you need? Touching up a part of your painting? We will be there!




Share, Mingle, Selfies!

Afterall, the purpose of team bonding and corporate workshops is to build relationships for team and personal growth.

The Art Nooq has hosted it's fair share of large scale workshops to know and identify the importance of it. Hence, we are different from other art jamming providers because we actively encourage your team to share, mingle, take pictures and move around without disrupting the schedule and activities!


The Process:

Arrange, Plan, Prepare.

1. Contact us by submitting a form below, email us or drop a message through our social media with the following details:

(i) Name and Company

(ii) Number of Pax, Budget, Location or The Art Nooq Studio

(iii) Date of Event

(iv) Refreshments (Y/N)

2. Our staff will arrange a call with you after confirming all the details. A quotation will be sent out shortly.

3. Once all the details are planned and expectations are laid out, the artists will proceed to prepare materials in the studio or transport to the location on the actual day.

Singapore top 10 corporate team bonding art jam workshop
Enquiry Form

Check with us on our availability for your team bonding event or workshops! We highly recommend you to enquire early because we are usually swamped with bookings. Fill up the form below to enquire and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Time of Event

Thank you for enquiring with us.

We will get back to you within 48 hours.

Corporate prices are quoted upon request after details are confirmed. Do take note that, if required, Refreshments Delivery and Transport Charges will be included in the final quote.

Bookings and Reservations: 
  • Other than GeBiz and Purchase Orders, full payment must be made 7 days after issuance of invoice.

Submit your enquiries via the form on the left or email


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