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Singapore's only Private Art Jamming Studio

Located behind People's Park Complex, The Art Nooq is situated on a hill in an old police station. Unlike other art jamming studios and cafes, The Art Nooq offers a private experience, where you can relax whilst learning the techniques and explorations of Art-making.

Come hang out with us, and if you prefer some privacy, we'll leave you to it. Everything is flexible and manageable, just like how Art in itself should be. A conducive space takes away the pressure and the "prestige" of art-making.

There is no difference between a beginner or an amateur, we all start with not knowing the final product, and we all learn through the enjoyment in the process. If you would like extra guidance, we are here to offer our support and advise.

We also do corporate events, online workshops and off-site art jams at your preferred location.

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