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Pink Watercolor Flowers Happy Mothers Day Instagram Post.jpg
Pink Watercolor Flowers Happy Mothers Day Instagram Post.jpg

Celebrate Mother's day with us!

Art Jamming Workshops

Experience Singapore's first and only private art jamming in a cosy little nook!

We offer a variety of Art Jamming options and a range of guidance for couples, small groups and corporate off-site events.

Canvas Art Jamming
Live Wedding Painting

Live Wedding Painting

Across 20 extravagant hotels and over 2000 hours, we have commissioned more than 80 live wedding paintings in Singapore just for 2023.
Live Wedding Painting is a very unique and engaging exhibit that takes place during your wedding ceremony. It is eye-catching enough to be a very memorable moment for all your guests but it will not steal the limelight of your most special day!
As part of The Art Nooq's policy, our amazing artists will walk through every step of detail with you and your partner before dipping their brushes into the paint.
Find out more in our Instagram or chat with us!
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